Would you like insight and control? Let’s innovate together!

Our innovative, supplier-independent workwear management system provides control over the ordering and delivery process of personal items.

Employee uses workwear management system

The platform

My Workwear is an independent management system for the ordering and delivery process of personal items. The platform and the app have many functionalities. The platform is accessible and easy to use, anyone can work with it! Management information is made available in an informal and cheerful manner. As a result, users will get a personal and fun experience.

What makes our platform unique is that multiple target groups such as employers, employees and suppliers can set up and manage the system completely by themselves.

Watch video

The best way to get a good impression of our system is to watch our video. In this 2-minute video a number of functionalities are explained and an explanation is given about the benefits.

The video shows a number of possibilities of the platform. Please have a look below for an extensive overview of the functionalities. Is there any functionality missing that you are interested in? Please contact us.

The workwear management system is very user friendly

Very user-friendly

Our app can be used by everyone, young and old. Everything is self-evident. The user is central.

Within the workwear management system a lot of customization is possible

Customized workflows

Despite a lot of standardization, a lot of customization is possible. The application adapts to your process.

The workwear management system is available on all mobile devices

Available on all mobile devices

Available day and night on all mobile devices. Not dependent on time/place. Only an internet connection is required.

The workwear management system can easily be integrated with other management systems

Easy to integrate with other systems

My Workwear adapts to the environment through smart integrations. Interfaces are possible with numerous systems.

Possible products


  • Mobile app
  • Order information
  • Employee & budget management
  • Article management
  • Supplier management
  • Size assistance
  • Reports
  • Secure environment
  • Customized workflows
  • System integrations
  • Washing and wearing cycle – tracking
  • Product Lifetime tracking
  • Contract management

Are you looking for a different functionality? Please contact us.

workwear management system
The workwear management system provides insight and control through reports

Insight and control

My Workwear offers many possibilities to gain insight into the ordering behaviour & spend of users and the performance of suppliers. The system provides insight into the different steps in the process and gives administrators control, without violating the privacy of users. Users retain freedom of choice and decide for themselves when they order products.

Insight is provided through reports. Various standard reports are available within My Workwear. The contents of these reports can be displayed via various graphs or in an Excel file. The last option allows the user to “play” with the data dump.