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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is My Workwear intended for?

My Workwear offers benefits to all parties involved in the ordering and delivery process of personal items: employers, employees and suppliers.

When using the system, reliable information will be available more quickly. Parties gain more insight and control over the process and fewer manual actions need to be performed for this.

My Workwear is most suitable for companies where personal items are registered and where there is a complex ordering and delivery process. The availability of management information is important for these companies and staff want to be able to share information digitally, possibly via integrated management systems.

What does My Workwear cost?

My Workwear works with a pricelist with fixed monthly rates per user. These rates can be sent on request.

Do I have to take a subscription or sign a contract?

No. No subscription or contract is needed. My Workwear can be cancelled monthly. An e-mail or phone call is enough.

Does My Workwear supply workwear or PPE’s?

No. We do not supply products, only IT services. Our platform simplifies the ordering and delivery process between companies and suppliers and makes it more efficient by implementing smart innovations.

My Workwear is an independent system. What does that mean?

Most companies do not order their personal items at one supplier. Workwear for example, is often purchased from a different supplier than PPE’s and tools. Or multiple suppliers are selected because of better delivery conditions in different regions.

These suppliers often have their own ordering system and way in which management information is made available.

My Workwear is a supplier-independent management system. An unlimited number of suppliers can be linked to the system and upload their own selection of products which will be delivered to the specific company. The uploading of the product information is arranged by the company and its suppliers themselves. My Workwear does not play a role in this. Suppliers cannot see each other's products.

What is the difference with the online ordering system of my existing supplier(s)?

There is a good chance that the system that is now made available by your supplier(s) is mainly aimed at being able to place orders and view the order history at that specific supplier. If you have multiple suppliers, you must retrieve this order history from multiple systems yourself.

You are probably also limited in the amount of management information you can get from these systems and you or your colleagues place the orders yourself (Or you check these before they go out the door). The ordering process is probably not supported by an easy-to-use app either.

It will be clear to you. Suppliers build good basic systems to place orders and see the order history. But they don't go much further than that. Their core business is supplying workwear and PPE’s. They are not optimizing your internal business processes. That's what we do.

My Workwear distinguishes itself because it offers more functionalities, it is available on all mobile devices and custom workflows are set up that fit well with the customer's processes and systems. Our system also offers a unique user-friendly app that gives users a sense of control and responsibility.

Can the system be set-up in my own corporate identity?

This is not the intention. My Workwear is an independent platform in all respects.

When an employee logs in online or via the app they enter their own personal environment; their own shop. Although the employer has determined from which product range the employee can choose, the employee has the freedom (and responsibility) to determine which specific product they want. And when to order it.

My Workwear has been developed based on the principle that employees take responsibility themselves for ordering and managing the necessary personal products. The employer is less prominently present and has more of a controlling function.

Can I add suppliers and products myself?

Yes. You can fill in a simple Excel file together with your supplier and upload it into the system. Photos can also be added via this file. You can add or adjust products manually if you want. And when you fill in the supplier's contact details, including an email address for the orders, you're ready to go!

Can multiple product ranges be put together?

Yes. An unlimited number of product ranges can be created. Products can be added or removed from product ranges at the touch of a button. The same applies to linking employees to the different product ranges.

When using the mobile app for employees, the newly added products appear directly in the store function of the app.

Can I add employees myself?

Yes. You can add employees by filling in a simple Excel file and uploading it into the system. If you add more properties, such as personnel number, department, location, etc., you can extract more management information from the system afterwards. This can be done via standard reports. You can also manually add or adjust employees.

What about the registration of company logos on workwear?

The company and the suppliers can decide for themselves how the registration of the company logos is included in the system. For example, the product description can include whether the item contains a company logo and where it is positioned on the product. A photo of the article including the company logo can also be added. The same applies to the costs.

Which reports can My Workwear provide?

Various standard reports are available in the system. These reports provide detailed management information about spend per employee, department, product type, budget and supplier. The reports can be displayed in various formats such as bar & pie charts, but they can also be retrieved from the system as raw data in an Excel dump.

It is also possible to have company-specific reports made by My Workwear.

Are different ‘roles’ available? And do they have their own user rights?

Companies with a complex ordering and delivery process often involve several employees in this process. Each with its own function and each function has its own ‘role’ in the process. These roles again have specific user rights. For example, not every role is allowed to order items or view the spend. Also, access to employee data is often limited to the HR role within the company.

My Workwear has an extensive package of possible roles. Each role can be assigned their own user rights.

Can My Workwear be integrated to other (ERP) systems?

Yes. The system is very accessible and can be easily integrated with other systems.

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